To be me…The Hood and the Hill…The College and the Concrete

Emcee: A person who raps to inspire people with well-written, crisply delivered, clear and concise lyrics. Not to be confused with a rapper.

F1RST PERSON effortlessly merges the elements of hip hop as an emcee, producer and poet and is ready to re-introduce the industry to a true emcee. Spending the last decade fine tuning his skills and broadening his musical reach, he is more than just the average rapper. Hailing from what was once the “murder capital” of the US, F1RST PERSON has an imitable perspective on many of social issues that affect his community and the community at large and uses his music as a platform to tell the story of those often forgotten.

Not a novice to the game, F1RST PERSON has performed in venues across New York and New England. Through his unconventional manner of word use that allows the listener to vibe in his cadence and word play, he caught the attention of hip hop luminaries like Ghostface Killah, the Nappy Roots, Sean Price and Planet Asia, who each invited him to open on selected tour dates. Further expanding on his talents and his gift with words, he contributed to the Off-Broadway production of “Innaviews”, a pseudo biographical show based on the personal and professional journey of collaborators Kwikstep and Rockafella of Full Circle Productions that opened to rave reviews in the New York Times.

Always thinking outside of the box, F1RST PERSON stepped away from the front of the house to focus on social activism, partnering with community leaders. Creating unconventional methods of musical speech he began working with Project 2050 as an artist and mentor for young talent looking for a way to express themselves. As a poet, he also lent his voice to DJ Rell’s Tastemaker’s Soul showcase in New England.

Rap performances generally consist of an artist speaking lyrically, in rhyme and verse to an instrumental or synthesized beat or clever monologues that paint a vivid picture. With the summer release of his upcoming EP, “The I is a 1”, inspired by the golden era of hip hop, F1RST PERSON’s EP focuses on lyricism and the message and not just the beat. F1RST PERSON uses his words to inform the audience of human aspects pertaining to life. His views encompass frank commentary on politics, sex and various taboo subjects in society. While telling the stories, of those he has encountered, F1RST PERSON has woven together a poignant project, meant to remind people why they fell in love with hip hop in the first place.

With seven new tracks and his “Behind The Rhyme” series, F1RST PERSON is taking you directly into the mind of an artist, like you’ve never seen before. With a concrete message and concentrated stories, he’s hip-hop’s prodigal son returning home.